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Eat your cake and have it✍

Listen!!! If you eat bananas you will get fat… if you eat carbohydrates you will never lose weight ..if you take diet coke is as good as taking the regular coke… I heard alot of don’t do this…don’t do that and it was beginning to annoy me. Why do we always focus on the negatives like dont’s and not the positives like…do… If you want a banana have it..if you want a can of Pepsi have it…if you want that ice cream have it…but it all draws to…one statement, have them in portion…

YES!!YES!!YES!!… YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT LOVES..but remember portion should be key at all times👌. Asides portion…when to eat it and when not to eat it should be highly considered, especially when following a certain type of diet like intermittent fasting.

*,Do not eat unhealthy food consistently if you want to reach your body goals faster*,

This blog intends to discuss how the real process of losing weight goes down…Most of us think losing weight is hard but its not…all we need is to train the brain. Train the brain to understand that you have to get out of your comfort zone. The brain is made in such a way its meant to protect you from what u are not comfortable with…

So if u want that killer body and you want to be healthy..stay tuned for more tips on fitness,nutrition and lifestyle

Daily tip.

Focus on your food portion. It is the beginning of shedding that extra body fat.


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