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Weight loss plateau and how to deal with.

I found myself in a situation whereby my scale reading was constant but what I didn’t know is that my muscles were (and still are )growing as well, hence, cancelling out the reading on the scale.

Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where you cannot see a difference in your weight, check your progress pictures…they will surely show you otherwise. You either would have some definition on your body or lose extra fat on your body that doesn’t reflect on the scale.

I still stand by BMI measurements cause then you will be able to see how your weight adds up from  Free Fat Mass to Fat mass to Muscle mass from your individual body parts.

This is where I began noticing that muscles will grow. You can’t stop them from growing and therefore you cannot stop them from determining the number on the scale…

Daily tip…

The scale doesn’t define you…so whether the scale goes up or down as long as you are headed for the BODY goals you are on the right track.


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