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Healthy Eating

Being healthy and eating healthy is pretty expensive and especially if you are in college. So these are some of the foods that I tried to incorporate while still in college. They are inexpensive and can be found anywhere and everywhere across the globe.

Tortilla wraps, meat, lettuce and cucumbers, great for lunch/dinner


Almond milk/full fat milk


Healthy spreads

Brown bread


Tea or coffee

Cucumber and tomatoes


Chia seeds


Fruit of choice


Some of the breakfast options…


Cauliflower or brocolli…*can act as rice…when grated*

Canned tuna


Brown rice


Tomatoes and cucumbers

Canned beef


Baked irish /sweet potatoes

Chicken liver

Some of lunch/dinner options..

Daily tip.

Caloric deficit.

This is what will help in losing weight.

Some of the cheat meals i have are..

Flavored coffee

Dark chocolate

Iced tea


And there is nothing like good food or bad food…all foods are okay…what matters is the amount of food intake you give your body..

Sweet tooth options


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