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7 ways to hung around the weight loss journey

There is just so much we can do with this statement that is ongoing around the globe ‘NO CHANGE.’ Just as it is, its a very powerful yet negative statement that attacks the mind in several ways.

Considering the fact that you can visit a gym for a week or two max and start complaining that there is ‘no change’ in or on your body is one of the things destroying our relationship with the gym and working out.

Daily tip: You are what you eat.

We, therefore, have to accept our body as it is first. By doing so we can gather sufficient patience to allow the body to detect what is being input and afterwards, reflect the change physically.

Hanging around the weight loss journey has never been easy. You will gain and loose and gain but in the end you mustn’t quit.

Following some inspirational speakers over the years, there was this particular narration that caught my ears.

A man was trying to split rock for his mission. So day one he took the necessary equipment for the job and began to hit it but nothing happened, this went on for a couple of days until five days later when the rock finally fell apart.

What he didn’t know was that when he began to hit the rock continuously, its internal structure began to weaken day by day up until it broke into two.

In relation to this context is our bodies. We are like the rock. When we exercise the process of losing weight starts from the inside and then later reflects on the outside and this can only be achieved by consistency in exercising, drinking water and eating healthy.

Here are some tips to have a long the way:

1. Learning to accept our bodies.

This is the first step towards making a change in our bodies. This not only applies to those who want to lose weight but also to those who want to gain. Embracing here is key.

2. Patience

It should be practised. You might want to give your body some time to get used to the fact that exercising will be something consistent in your life. Also it is part of your lifestyle now.

3. Taking it easy.

Even Rome was not built in one day, so take it easy with yourself. Sometimes you might see progress but others dont see it. Do not panic and dont you worry because as they say,”it takes 2 weeks for you to personally see the change, 4 weeks for loved ones to see it and approximately 9 weeks for the world to see it.” So dont be hard on yourself.

4. Consistency

Without consistency there is no progress. That is the hard truth. I remember there was this one time I wanted to lose weight real bad and I started off psyched up and a few weeks later I stopped working out and I did not see any progress. I wanted it to be a quick, short experience and be done and over with but sadly that was not the case. Therefore in every thing that you do be consistent it will surely and sweetly pay off.

5. Determination

Exercising is hard enough when you start but as you continue it becomes easier. Even the days that you do not feel like working out, push yourself, you can do it. Except you are sick or on drugs that weakness you or even fasting it is better to take it slow if you can or just completely don’t work out.

6. Motivation.

You will not always be motivated. That is for sure. But you can always do something about it. You have to push yourself. It all derives to how bad do you want it.

7. Do not give up!

I always insist on this because when you are just about to give up that is when the light at the end of the tunnel starts showing. You need to keep it nice and simple with your kind and body and train it to accept that it’s just a stage and you will make it to your goal.


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