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5 Ways to deal with low self-esteem during weight loss.

Embracing yourself.

Most of us are unaware of how to embrace ourselves and especially when it comes to our bodies. Some of the tips to make ourselves feel comfortable with our bodies are:


Find clothes that you love and that flatter your figure. This way you get to enjoy yourself and at the same time look gorgeous.

I found out that if I wear clothing that make me feel happy my day goes on better than expected. Try it out today.

2. Make up

This is for the ladies. Do your nails, have a spa date, fix your hair and do some light make up if you are not a fan of makeup or better still take care of your skin and just pop out with BB cream and a lip gloss, it works well too.

3. Mental check.

There will always be people who do not accept you as you are. Your body, your hard work and the society also overlooks the curvy thick girls in as much as some people have started to accept it.

From my own perspective, I know thick curvy girls are as good as any other, so when you wake up tell yourself you are worth it. When you wear certain clothes and people do not appreciate it because you are “fat” remember they are dealing with their own issues and do not take it personally. You are beautiful.

Train your mind to think positive about your body and imagine everyday that you will get into the shape that you desire.

4. Minding your own business.

It is intriguing how certain human beings do not mind their own business. They want to drag you in and out of their issues.

Do not give in to such people. Instead, be unbothered. I know it might not be easy, I mean it is not easy but here is one of my experiences that I faced recently:

There was this particular Sunday I went out to the shops to grab some groceries and on my way back I saw two ladies approaching me. A mother and a daughter to be precise.

On coming into contact, the mother was telling her daughter how big I was. “She is too big for life,” she said. Bearing in mind am 5’8 and her daughter is about 5’7 and I did not comprehend why she made the statement but this could be for a number of reasons.

One, she wanted her daughter to feel secure about her height by shaming me cause am a few centimetres taller than her daughter or:

Two, she is uncomfortable with her body and the only way to make her feel safe is to make a comment about me. I did not respond to her but instead, I walked to my apartment and minded my own business.

Another instance happened to me while in high school. A new teacher came into our school and he was meant to teach Agriculture students. So one time he was taking lessons in my appointed classroom and i knocked and he asked to come in and before i even sat down he started to criticize me that am too big…but this time around i was 5’7 and a little bit overweight at the time.

So instead of being mature and keeping it to himself, he starts shaming me in front of his students for like 5 whole minutes. This did not break me but once my friends started feeling pity for me that’s when it started getting to me and I remember I cried myself out. At this time I was seventeen so it was normal for me to cry it out.

My whole childhood I have been a plump one and also in my innocent child hood, I faced discrimination from my teachers as far as I can remember because of my weight. I wasn’t tall at that time and I remember I was overweight. For a child this kinda treatment is torture. All these really lowered my self-esteem.

5. Working towards your goal.

If you feel you are not comfortable with where you are, you can start small by working out in the house, walking, jogging and skipping. But never ever feel less of yourself wherever you are at your weight loss journey. Embrace yourself at the position you are right now. It is gonna be more of mental than physical, at least I have passed through that but a disclaimer is that it might be different for everyone else. We all are different and take things indifferently.

In order to be untouched, you need to discover that people have their own issu issuees and the only way to make themselves feel comfortable is by bringing you down so that they can feel better about themselves.

Daily tip: Feelings are like visitors, they come and go

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