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The tea on getting past your past☕

____________Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much.___________Oscar Wilde.

These are some of the things to consider when to move forward:

1.Face the truth of where you stand.

Evidently, we do not like to accept where we stand in a relationship when things begin to go South. We want to dwell in what will benefit us. We cling onto the feelings that were once there and made us feel good about ourselves but in reality we just dont want to end up lonely. When a relationship starts to fade, its time to leave.

2. Pray for your enemies

I was listening to one of the famous preachers online and she was explaining why it is best to pray for our enemies even if we don’t want to. She continued that, we pray for them and ask God to give them blessings and this blessing can be in the form of them getting a revelation of what they have done to you.

3. Stop having small talks about them

The more you continue speaking ill of them and the bad things they did to you, the more difficult it is to forget about them. Because forgiveness goes hand in hand with forgetting the deed. The only time you should talk about them is when you want to use the person as an example in a positive way to show that you are over the person.

4. My heart is still heavy what can I do?

Ask God to help you with the way you feel about the situation, having done your part as a human being.

5. Overcome evil with good.

Dont revenge. It is useless. It doesnt make you feel any better. Instead you are filled up with anger and more empty.

Be your own version of a better person.

Daily tip: Feelings are like visitors, they come and go.

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