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The Glow Up Series. Part 1.

One thing you need to understand about glowing up is you gotta keep it low key. Once you discuss it out there in any means, be it your circle of friends or social media, chances are you will be discouraged to keep up to your glow goals.

1. Avoid toxicity.

Glowing up comes from within, you have to decide that enough is enough of all the toxicity around you. Toxicity can come from your friends, relatives and again social media.

2. Setting up your goals.

To improve your glow up game, set up some goals. For instance, if you think you need to lose or gain some weight set a goal and go for it. If you need to achieve clear skin or eliminate some toxic people in your life set a goal and go for it. Consistency and persistency alongside self-discipline will go along way in this glow up game.

3. Save your coins.

Start saving up a little. I like to save all coins I receive as balance from buying items and I do not use it for anything else up until I reach the amount of cash I need to purchase something that I have always wanted. And if you have a good-paying job, have a savings account or the likes or invest it to bring in more cash.

4. Be low key.

As mentioned earlier. Be lowkey. Not everyone should know your next move. Not everyone is happy with your progress. It is therefore advisable to run your life in a manner that only your inner trusted circle is involved.

Choose to be understanding.

Be kind, compassionate, understanding, warm and caring. Being good from the inside will definitely reflect itself on the outside. Same applies to confidence. Be confident in the inside and automatically confidence will show on the outside.

Daily tip: Let not anyone discourage you from achieving your goals. You are your own competition.

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