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Dont look like me, look like you.

As I sat there perusing a magazine, I came across a powerful statement_________”dont look like me, look like you____________”

We all have that someone we try to imitate in a certain way, either through their behaviour, way of life, their personal or/and social life. While we are subjected to thinking we are being “trendy” or “cool” by imitating them we are veritably throwing away who we really are.

I used to admire a lot of vloggers and people who come up with beautiful content to entertain us and I still do admire them. However, there is this time, I was eagerly waiting for my favourite Nigerian vlogger (whom I wanted to be like) to upload her content and when she did upload, what met my eyes made me reanalyze of wanting to be exactly like her. Not in a negative context but the challenges she was putting across to us her viewers, really questioned my mindset of wanting to be exactly like someone else.

Daily tip: Strive to be your own version. Aspire to be inspirational by being you.

There is a lot of pressure on going, to be perfect, flawless and flashy. And people go to extremes such as having a fake life. Just because you want to be like someone you’d rather be lavish and rich on social media and broke in real life.

For how long would you keep up with such? It all ends up in depression because there is no more cash to borrow that lavish life for a flashy moment on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.

“______if I lose this amount of weight and behalf of that girl or guy who has a killer body, then I will be happy_____”

Such kind of statement is what i hear at least once in a while when i go to the gym.

Honestly, I get disappointed when I hear that but I often refuse to be judgemental because at some point in my life I thought being super skinny like the famous models are what would make me happy. But it did not. Because I was trying so hard to be like them and yet I am my own definition of who I want to be.

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