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You Were Born to Stand Out.

I tried to fit in but nothing was working. Tried to upgrade for them but it didn’t work, degraded myself but that one was worse. Then I figured, I was not born to fit in but to stand out.

In a men dominated world I had to prove myself over and over again that I can be in a men’s career and be successful. It was not easy.

The independent woman quote was not working for me either. I lost hope lots of time but I did not want to show it.

Being the only girl at the time almost made me feel like I was wrongly placed. But I had to do it. I had to make myself understand that I was born to stand out and so I filtered every gender biases arrowed towards me.

From the friends, we hung out with, to the normalization that society has put us in, with or without realizing we try to make ourselves force fit things, yet our calling is to stand out.

Instead of trying to fit in other people’s lives, others should be the one trying to fit in yours.

You are born to stand out.

Daily tip: Know your worth.

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