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Unforseen setbacks in weight loss journey.

Have you ever wondered, why you don’t lose weight or if you do, you can not keep it off for long?

Not eating right is just but among several factors that cause the unforeseen setbacks in weight loss journey.

Starting a journey isn’t only about commencing but also about understanding, commitment, passion and embracing it.

When it comes to weight journey, either losing or gaining, you have to understand how your body works and your body shapes as well. If you find this difficult to figure out, have a visit to a nutritionist or a dietician to guide you.

If you find it expensive to see one, you can always do research online and compare and contrast features of your body type but be sure that this will not be 100% effective. This is just to have an idea on what you are getting into.

Daily tip: Weight loss shouldn’t be a journey but a lifestyle.

Based on some experience some of the key things destroying our weight loss journey and bringing these unforseen setbacks are:

1. Too strict with your diet.

Commonly, when we want to start off, we want to eliminate foods such as carbs, fats and junk.

While we think we are doing us a huge favour to our bodies we are actually denying it of its nutritional value.

Most of us grew up knowing that there are four or three food groups (depending on how your teacher taught you) and that for a balanced diet you need to include all of them in your daily meal.

Unfortunately, as we continued growing up, local news and social media are saying otherwise. We know the truth but we want to follow what the crowd is saying.

If you don’t satisfy your body with the essentials, it is forced to enter into starvation mode. Starvation mode typically pertains the long term calorie restriction your body can undergo. Once this mode hits the wall you are back to eating more than before and binging like never before.

Drastic weight loss has its consequences besides fast weight loss.

After losing tons of weight your body tends to conserve energy by reducing the number of calories making you feel hungry, lazy and with increased food cravings which in turn halts your weight loss and kicks back the weight you previously lost before you even know it.

Going through my mail this morning I came across an article by one Dr Kareem. She explained about the weight loss cycle that we are exposed to and this made a whole lot of sense to me.

A cycle as per Dr Kareem’s article

She goes on by saying almost 100% of those who loose weight, gain it all back or some. (I can 100% witness to that). And this is so because they are dieting in a way that impacts their bodies in a negative way.

Daily tip: Starving= slow metabolism= decrease in energy= no weight loss.

2. Caloric deficit.

Not paying attention to the number of calories you put in your body can be very risky for your weight loss journey. Knowing your weight and height can be of help in knowing the number of calories you need per day.

Apps such as my Fitness pal come in handy.

Once you put your information it will be able to calculate the amount of calories you require.

From then on, try and eat below your daily calorie. Nothing under 1200 calories for women and 1500 for men. Anything less than that is under-eating.

3. Excess Protein.

While protein is good for you and can aid in weight loss, eating way too much of it will attract weight gain.

During the previous summer I had this mentality that losing weight requires a high protein diet ,(and i also included whey protein in my diet too).

I did so because at some point in my journey I came into a weight loss plateau which in turn kicked in some weight and I panicked.

I binged on all fast weight loss journey tips and tricks and I put all of them together. Having lots of protein was one of my biggest mistakes that I indulged in this journey.

It kicked in a whole lot of puffiness in me. Bearing in mind that this just applies to me as a person but it could be different for someone else.

4. Societal Pressure

Starting off your weight loss journey and losing off that weight and shedding those extra pounds and people around you begin to notice, they become proud and happy for you, they ask you what’ s the secret and all these fills your head.

If you have ever gone through such an experience you understand what am expressing.

These beautiful compliments go on up until you start to attract some weight back and then you start hearing whispers and whispers turns into loud-speaking that” Hey, you are gaining your weight back. What happened?” Others go as far as gossiping about you. And this creates that individuals’ obsession to lose weight and get back to how you were initially.

With this mentality, your weight loss process becomes unhealthy because you are doing it to shut people ‘s mouth and not because you want it for yourself. Which in turn makes you fail miserably in your journey.

Daily tip: Do what is required of you by you and not the society.


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