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How to step into a new year like a pro!!

What you need to know before you step into a new year.

1. Be thankful of the previous year

Be thankful for your past.

A lot of people are talking about how 2019 was not the year for them. (With absolute no judgement) When we look back even into 2018 towards 2006 and so on, people still say that it was not their year.

For a year to be yours you have to be thankful for the little that you had the last year so that when your Father (God) sees you being grateful, He will reward you with more in the coming years. Also, a year can not just be your year if you do not put work into it and be smart about it.

2. The time is now!

Do not wait for a new year to start making a difference. The time is now. Ask yourself, “What is stopping you from starting now?” If it is weight loss why not start with like a 10 min youtube workout per day and then gradually increase, up until you can get hold of the gym.

If you want a clear skin why not start by washing your skin at least twice a day and gradually buying skincare products to care for them.

Think about consistency. When you become consistent you start seeing results. Consistency won’t care if it is 2020 or 2019 what it will consider is how long and how repetitive has the routine been going on.

Fun fact: Your skin rejuvinates itself after approximately 35 days!!

Take care of your skin!!

3. Have something to look forward to.

This is more of setting up goals.

Prepping goals especially for beginners is key.

Accomplishing them is another.

Take baby steps and make realistic goals that can be achievable within a span of a short time. When you do this, you achieve more of your goals and hence the beginning of motivation.

Have something to look forward to.

4. Forgive your past.

I am someone who battles with forgiving but every day I ask God for assistance because without Him everything just proves to be difficult.

Refuse to carry toxicity into this new decade. Try this! Have a list of your offenders written down and pray for them one by one. YES. PRAY for them because this is the first step into releasing your past. If this doesn’t feel up to it, accept that you have done your part and leave the rest for God to take care of.

God will take care of the rest

5. Be straight forward.

It can be really tricky for human beings to be straight forward because they either don’t want to be harsh to someone or they don’t want to hurt someone or for one or more reasons.

No need for that anymore. If something is nice to appreciate it, if someone is beautiful or handsome appreciate it. If your answer is NO let it mean NO and YES mean YES.

Daily tip: Be happy for other people’s progress and you will notice a difference in your life.

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