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My Weightloss, Weightgain, Slimthick, Journey

The Glow Up Series Part 2

I have basically been overweight my whole entire childhood and my parents, as well as adults around, though it was just baby fat and that it would fade away as I grew up. But that is not always the case. At least not for me.

I remember how I was fed and “spoilt” such that a day could not pass by without consuming junk food, and being a child that I was I never knew it was becoming harmful to my body.

Without leaving my favourite junk food of all time, cake, I used to consume it crazily over the weekend if not once or thrice during the week.

As a child, it did not bother me how I ate or how I looked but the bullying and the intimidation got to me at a very young age. I had to come up with a mechanism of how to defend myself from such situations and that led me into a very awkward social life.

Now, my journey started when I was about two to three years into my teenage period. I started going to the gym, I starved myself for the couple of moments I remember, basically, it was just not the right way of losing weight.

When the weight started coming off, I bounced back to my old ways and the cycle continued. So it was an epic fail.

I joined high school shortly after, a boarding school, and it was one of the hardest periods in my teenage life. With stress kicking in from the right, left, centre, my weight dropped off like crazy.

But my old ways were still intact. Lover of cake and junk food. No regulated food portions and generally an unhealthy lifestyle.

So geuss what came next……

After completing high school and went back to freedom life, where food was not portioned,

Weight gain came by so fast and this time it came in doubles.

Went to the University and here is where I took it seriously to lose off that weight for good without looking back. With the help of my bestfriend I was able to drop from an XXL(2extra large) to a(an) M(medium) within an year.

Graduation came and all the unhealthy lifestyle came back right in with the help of cake, cake and more cake together with the absence of working out and before I knew it I had gained weight and still continued to gain weight up until September where I paid back to my healthy lifestyle and this was an eye-opener that weightloss journey or any other for that matter is more of a mental issue than it is just to the physical.

This week marks my 2-year weight loss, weight gain, slim thick journey. Moving from weight loss to weight gain, I did not really realise it but when it was time to lose those extra pounds, to get to slim thick, I could reckon that I almost had a mental breakdown. I had worked very hard at losing my weight that I binged on workouts to get to where I was at the beginning but it was really hard to put my mind into it.

Every time I looked in the mirror I got more and more disappointed. But I comprehended I had to put my head in the game and prayers went a long way with my Slimthick journey.

It took me 4 to 5 months to reach the slimthick level. I am still a working progress, working towards losing extra pounds especially on my lower tummy area.

My weightloss,weightgain,slimthick journey

So, if you are considering to lose weight or gain it be sure to keep your mind in check and always understand that as the day passes you are better than yesterday.

Mistakes That I Did While Losing Weight.

  • Too many cheat meals.

You want to give yourself a cheat meal not more than three days.

You also do not want to have cheat days, instead have portioned cheat meals so as to be on the tread.

  • Eating less & working out more.

You want to eat more healthy foods and exercise more. If you eat less, you risk the danger of binge eating later in your journey and jeopardizing all the efforts you put in.

  • Too many rest days.

Who does not like resting?

Well, it is part of a better and healthy life. But too much of anything is poisonous and that means if you rest too much you risk the chance of getting to your weight journey goals.

I decided to rest for three months. Off the gym. And the result was weight gain.

  • Consuming a lot of sugar from fruits.

Fruits are healthy. But are all fruits really healthy? We have fruits that carry a lot of sugar such as pineapples, mangoes, bananas e.t.c

They are good for our body but only in a portioned way. If consumed uncontrolled it can cause weight gain.

  • Eating “healthy foods” as per labels.

Since the fitness industry is doing so well. Manufacturers have come up with different ways to trick consumers into labelling unhealthy foods as healthy.

For example, when they label yoghurt as reduced-fat or a beverage as no sugar added of course a lot of people will run to these products and buy them but what is unspecified is that these manufacturers have to add something to bring these products to be tasty and enjoyable. The hidden agenda is what they have to add to the products for it to be sumptuous to your filling as a consumer. What is added is what makes it unhealthy. And as you consume more of “healthy foods” you lose track of the weight loss journey.

  • Not counting calories.

You can eat healthily but still consume way more than is needed by our body.

I did calorie counting but lost track of it after losing my weight but it is very essential to not do so unless you are a pro of measuring your food intake.

  • Constant comparison

I found it difficult to accept my weight gain. I did a constant comparison of how I had lost weight and wanted to get back there as shortly as possible and this affected me mentally. Did not see the good in myself at all and this hampered down my progress.

Mistakes to avoid while losing weight

How to get back on track after weightgain.

  • Start small

Incorporate a 10-minute exercise on a daily basis and drink lots of water

  • Invest in shopping for healthy groceries.

Once you start replacing unhealthy food with healthy ones, it becomes a breeze in losing those extra pounds. Just as they say, 70% diet and 30% exercise.

It will not be easy to start but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Mental & Physical connection.

Losing weight or gaining has everything to do with your mind. There is a powerful connection between these two. Therefore it is very important and essential to keep the connection for better progress.

  • Sleep

Sleeping goes a long way in as much as it’s not colossal of a deal.

Sleep will help burn off those calories and also helps with reducing stress levels that aids in weight gain.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Start with a small ratio of IF alongside drinking lots of water during the fast. This will help with cravings and a whole lot more benefits. You will start to notice a drop in your weight as soon as 1 month if you choose to fast in the ratio 16:8

Learn more about Intermittent fasting and how to lose weight fast and effective here!

What I did to lose the weight.

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Jump rope at least 30 mins per day
  3. I tried some Keto. And this work as fast as 3 days I had already started seeing results but I could not keep up because of the environment that I’m inhabiting.
  4. Stopped consuming all refined sugars.
  5. Drinking 4 to 5 litres of water per day.
  6. Workout challenges from Chloe ting’s challenge and Hana Milly’s 14-day hourglass challenge
  7. Not giving up!
7 ways I used to lose weight!

Weightloss is never easy.

Weightgain is never easy

But all you have to do is to love yourself now as you grow to be a better person in the future!



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