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Easy Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling.

I struggle with eating healthy while travelling. This is because I desire to eat and experience new food in different cultures of the environment that I am in. Also, I just want to have a good time with no restriction. I know we all can relate.

During my travelling period, I learnt that I am at my best in keeping it healthy when journaling and setting goals of when to eat healthy and days in which to go crazy with food.(portion is key!)

With the help of a goal planner, I was able to control how I indulge in eating and making sure not to eat way much than I should.

My top ways to stay on top of my fitness and health game while travelling:

1. Planning

My goal planner simply contains the number of days that am going to be travelling. In those days I decide which ones I want to go crazy on or which one an event will be held so as not to withhold myself. For example, let’s say you are travelling for 4weeks. Out of the 4 weeks at least choose 1 or 2 days in each week where you will want to indulge in whatever type of food you desire and make sure that the rest of the days you eat clean, and I mean very clean. Lots of water,at least 4 to 6 litres, and green leafy vegetables. At this clean eating time, I do not indulge in dairy, bread, red meat or too many sugary fruits such as apples and pineapples.

Goal settings with the help of a course.

If you are new to goal setting, you can click here to register a course on how to go about setting goals of absolutely anything.

2. Carry on Snacks.

Now, this should be a traveller’s go-to essential. Instead of buying snacks in the airport or eating plane food (nothing against plane food), you could pack some fruits and carry some nuts alongside some of your favourite healthy snacks.

Cut up fruits and put them in a zip lock bag or a container. Some fruits to choose on a trip can be apples, bananas or veggies such as cucumber, celery, carrots or you can decide to bake some sweet potatoes or white potatoes to fill you up if you happen to have a long flight.

3. Large water bottle.

Always have a large empty bottle in your travel backpack. I found this helpful because we need to hydrate all the time. Not only for better health but also for better-looking skin. I find it difficult if I do not drink water. It puts me in a situation where am dizzy and have a weak feeling. Having your own bottle means you can request for a fill-up from the air hostess at any time and it will be provided to you, unlike receiving it during meals and snack period only.

4. Salads.

Not only do these lovelies have a lot of water but are the best fit if your travel contains going out to restaurants almost every now and then.

You might be saying…” salads are boring and not tasty at all..” trust me this was my mentality once upon a time until I tasted a Superbowl salad in a certain restaurant in one of the Meditteranean countries. My love for salads began there.

Therefore, try a salad the next time you go out to a restaurant.

5. Always chose the healthy option

In a room full of cakes, chocolates, croissants, doughnuts, pastries, strawberries, nuts, bananas and fruit cocktails, always choose the healthier option, unless it is your day to indulge in snacks. And even at that make sure to portion the intake.

Have red wine/rosé instead of champagne/white wine or better still have water so as to wash out the sugars that you previously consumed.

6. Skipping rope.

So an easy way to stay on track is carrying a skipping rope. Skipping rope is the most effective cardio and simplest as well. Less heavy equipment to carry on a travel bag.

Do at least 30 minutes ins of jump rope and some 10 to 20 minutes, ab workouts to complete your workout.

This is very effective in losing belly fat in a short time.

7. Shop for healthy foods.

While Air BnB’s are common nowadays it is advisable to buy food and cook for yourself instead of ordering out all the time. This will help you keep on track and avoid indulging in unhealthy food all the time.

Make a list of groceries you need and keep it nice and simple. Some foods you can include are avocados, berries, leafy greens, eggs, zucchini e.t.c

Make sure to follow me to see the series on ways of how to prepare healthy breakfast,lunch and dinner while travelling.

8.Get your holiday off social media.

Let us keep it mental health as well.

Unless you are an influencer or working towards that direction, keep your travels and holidays off social media. It has a way of disconnecting you from enjoying yourself and your loved one.

We do not want to be off the holiday mood at any point. I personally struggle with posting for social media immediately but tell yourself you can always do it later. In fact, you can do it way after your travels/ holiday.

9. Sanitize.

With the COVID-19, we want to make sure we always have a hand sanitizer, an antibacterial hand lotion, and anti-bacterial wet wipes in our go-to bags. Always sanitize after touching anything. Be it your bag, money, atm, surfaces, your car or any other car for that matter, market items, basically, anything and everything because you can never be too sure. Check out my post on The Corona Disease and what you need to understand about it for more information on this virus.

10. Pray.

This should have been the first one and is. Sis, bro, prayer goes a long way in achieving your goals and the desires of your heart. Pray to God and lay down your worries to Him and in this case, our worry is staying healthy while you are travelling.

Trust me He never disappoints in as much a lot of people don’t believe this.

Stay safe, Be cautious of your environment and enjoy your holiday and travels!

Bon voyage!

Hasta la Vista!

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