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How to keep sane while in quarantine.

The world’s greatest pandemic just had to start with our new praised decade. I still remember people saying new decade new stuff. I mean new year new things is cliché but a new decade, new stuff is a game-changer altogether.

People had goals and ambitions and now they are all shattered due to the COVID-19. From weightloss journey goals to getting that new car you wanted before the end of the year. Not accomplishing what you want can be very frustrating. Can make you even become depressed or anxious and drive you insane altogether.

But not to worry, I got us covered. Here are some tips to get you to be sane and get back on track during this pandemic.

1. Reading a book.

Let’s fall back into the old decades where books were actually read in hard copies and no kindle or ebooks were discovered yet.

Take your time to read at least 1 to 2 pages a day. You can do this absolutely anywhere. Allow yourself to sink in the reader’s mind as he/she narrates to you their story.

Try to have a mind connection with the author and be in their moment. Allow yourself to forget everything around you and focus on the theme. This will help release some tension that you have been having for staying in the house for too long.

2. Get yourself some sunshine.

While staying indoors can be a way of protecting yourself from this pandemic, a little sunshine is needed. You can get this while at your balcony without risking anyone else’s life.

Unwind and enjoy the light with bird’s chirping all over the place. Enjoy the peace and quiet that it is bringing upon you at that particular time.

3. Eat healthy.

If your goal was to lose weight this year, you might want to eat healthy always. No cheat meals. You will realise that even without working out you can just lose those extra pounds.

Waist train if you can. Take advantage of this time to get in shape and monitoring how and what you eat. You will love the results by the end of the pandemic.

4. Workouts.

Try to do some indoor workouts. At least 10 minutes a day. This will take your mind off a whole lot.

You can either jump rope or do some High Intensity workouts.

Youtube offers such great and wonderful free workouts to anyone and everyone all over the world.

Some of my favourite YouTubers when it comes to workouts are:

Let us keep our bodies snatched for the summer! No situation is permanent.

5. Listening to fun music.

You are gonna be tempted to listen to songs that are quite a mess and sad to support your current situation. But nothing lasts forever.

On this note you would want to listen to happy music, dance to it or better still enjoy reading a book while at it.

Just keep yourself happy, because no one else will. It starts with you. And before you know it. The pandemic is gone and summer is here.

6. Listening to Podcasts.

I recently started listening to the podcast and I am loving it. It is a great way to take your mind off the world. Google podcast is a great way of listening to these podcasts and for free. Unlike Spotify and Apple podcast, Google podcast can be accessed by anyone and anywhere in the world regardless of location and make of the phone.

These podcasts run from comedy to audiobooks and even learning new languages.

7. Learning a new language.

You can keep yourself busy by learning a new language. I love French so I decided to use Duolingo for that. Believe me, discovering a new language has never been easy. This app gives you a lesson like that of a real classroom.

Not only does it give French vibe but also provides other languages such as Spanish, German and many common languages.

Also, podcasts are a good way of learning a new language. Coffee break is a good podcast to get you started from Google podcast.

8. Re-strategizing your goals.

You might be saying that okay 2020 is quarterly gone and I can’t accomplish my goals again but… know what! You need to wake up and strategize. Giving up ain’t an option no more.

Start journaling what you need to do. Write more often about your goals.

When you wake up ask yourself the habits of a person you want to become in the future! Are you tracking those habits because if you don’t do it now, it will not magically appear in your future, The time is now.

If you fell back, Rise up, dust yourself, pick up the pieces you need and commence the journey to becoming who you want to be in the future.

9. Communication.

Talk to your family and friends. Take up your phone and interact with everyone on your contact list.

Call your enemies too, you never know they might just need someone to encourage them and you could be the one to get to them and how they feel during this pandemic that has shaken the world.

10. Long baths.

Give your body and skin time away from stress.

Light up some scented candles, have some bath bombs in your tub, have a glass of non-alcoholic, no sugar Rosè while at it. Have some soft slow instrumental music playing in your bathroom that will make you relax.

But don’t you dare fall asleep in the tub cause you know what could happen next.

You can even have a favourite book to read while you are enjoying the long bath.

11. Clean up your house.

A clean workspace will do you some good.

I noticed that if my house is clean, I get motivated to work and actually be more productive.

So, what you can do is clear your room as well. Take out all the clothes and organise them. Do a reshuffle and also do not keep what you do not wear.

If you don’t wear it, you probably don’t need it. And what better way to make use of unused clothes than to donate to charity or sell the new clothes to earn some extra coins.

A cleanroom might also give you a sense of good night sleep.

12. Take care of your work.

What I love to do each morning is wake up and freshen up, because if you don’t, you might just as well lay down in bed for the longest period and before you know it, the evening is knocking on your window panes.

So wake up, shower, wear some nice comfortable clothes that make you feel nice and then if you need to work, brew a cup of coffee or have breakfast and then start working immediately. Do not dwell on your phone especially in the morning. It will waste your time.

I understand that maybe a lot of people have had their jobs laid down and don’t have anything to look forward to right now but a word of encouragement is that no situation is permanent. It’s not too late to invest in:

  • Networking. Some networking companies such as Alliance Global (AIM) allows you to invest in some cash and get paid every day depending on the number of accounts you open.
  • Blogging is a great way to invest in some extra coins to give you an income.
  • Fiverr. You can also offer services here to earn some extra coins.
  • Uber is a great way to earn too. Have your car registered under Uber services and start earning. Just make sure to take precautions.

These are just some of the things that could help in the long run.

13. Take care of your body.

To top all this up, make sure to take care of your skin by drinking water, exfoliating, face masks, taking supplements, fruits and veggies.

Pray about it. Together we will make it out of this pandemic.



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