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The Power of home workouts.

Do not underestimate the power of home work out. When I started my weight loss journey, I was a believer that only the gym could make me lose weight but, recently it was not so.

During the summer, I had the best time of my life and was in a new happy relationship. I guess it is true what they say, that when you are happy you gain weight. So I did. I don’t really blame anyone for gaining so much weight because it was my decision to let loose.

This is me at my lowest after starting my weight loss journey on March 3rd 2018. It took me exactly 6 months to lose 22 kgs. Here I was 88kgs. If you are wondering why so, its because I have heavy bones hence the measurement.

When summer was over, I went back to my home country and that’s when it started hitting me hard that I had gained weight and all my one and a half year gym progress went to a loss. Not entirely, because I was still strong in working out and my experience as someone who is a work out freak was still at par.

I really wanted to join a gym but it was not a priority at the time. I panicked and I remembered how I used to encourage those who couldn’t visit the gym that they could always do home workouts.

I now had to live by example. I started off slowly as a beginner. 10 minutes work out twice a day. But to be honest my diet was still not in check. I tried to recover from it but I was still binge eating and still having ‘the time of my life’.

It took me a while to get back on track. Considering I am someone who lacks self-control in eating.

In the month of November and December I fell ill. Had to go to the hospital and get checked. So I did. And the nurses always insist on checking your weight before proceeding so I went on to measure my weight and I could not believe my eyes.

This was my highest when I got home from the hospital and decided enough was enough. I was around 105kgs over here against my lowest which was 88kgs.

That’s when I said enough was enough. Took my home work out journey seriously and now my weight is down. I don’t know by how much because I stopped looking at my weight and started recording progress pictures.

Here my weight went down. I started incorporating intermittent fasting with 20 mins workout a day. Ending of November 2019
By December 2019 I saw alot of progress. I was now doing HIIT exercises while doing 16:8 intermittent fasting.
By February 2020 I was already getting some curves. I went on to drink at least 4 litres of water per day, cutting all sugars except that of fruits and worked out twice a day intensively at HOME!! with YouTube workouts.
And this is me now. March 2020 has been my month that has served me stomach goals but am still moving through to get the body I desire.
November 2019 vs March 2020 courtesy of homeworkouts. Do not underestimate the power of homeworkouts.

Do not underestimate the power of a home work out.

It happened to me, and it can happen for you as well. You do not need a gym whatsoever. You have got you and that’s all you need.

7 Reasons why you do not need the gym to lose weight

1. You are all you need.

Let me tell you what you need. A floor where you can get absolutely anywhere, your body weight which you carry all along and your mind connection. This might take a while to get but you will get hold of it before you know it.

2. The ability of being fit starts with your mind.

As I said earlier the mind connection could take you a while but once you get hold of it. You are good to go for the workouts.

Train your mind to understand that it is only by standing up and getting to move that your determination will start. Once you get started it will be easier to move on.

3. Its all in the determination.

And in everything you do. Know that it’s by determination. This will do you a whole lot of good stuff. Not only in your workouts but in your day to day activities. Note that all these reasons are connected so far. None can do without the other.

4. How bad do you want it.

At the end of the day for you to be successful it all ends up at how bad do you want it. If you know you desire to be fit or look snatched, then you will stand from that chair right now and start working out. No excuses. Take this chance when the world is at a halt to make use of establishing yourself and strategizing how you want your life to become.

5. Intermittent Fasting

I can not stress enough. This type of fast is a game-changer. I have done it. More people are doing it and it’s working for them. Take your time to do it now when you don’t need to go anywhere so that you don’t have an excuse to do the fasting. It will do you good.

Check out on all you need to know about Intermittent fasting here!

6. Keto diet.

Just like the Intermittent Fasting, Keto diet is worth a try. If you do it good and right, be sure to see results in a month or so.

Check out the guideline here!

7. Juice diet.

This is another diet to try. It is easy but expensive but if you want that quick fix, it is worth a try.

Check the guideline here!


The above mentioned diets are to be performed at your own will and if it doesn’t work for you please do not do it.

Stay safe!



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