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Easy, Fun activities to do this Easter!

Easter is finally here with us and we can make the most out of it to be as memorable as possible.

There is no treatment for panic, so I would suggest that you switch off your panic mode, relax and just unwind by doing fun, collective activities in the house as the solution to the COVID-19 comes our way.

Make a decision that this week is going to be one of the most awesome and incredible of all times, because for the first time you get to celebrate Easter without going to work and you get to spend time with your family fully.

Take this time as a blessing in disguise because after this pandemic we are not sure if we will have time to spend with our loved ones as much.

Work will be so demanding that there might just be no extra time to play with your kids or eat at the same time with your family. Make this time worth it.

Here are some fun activities to do this Easter.

1. Karaoke.

Gather up your family or your spouse and do a karaoke. I promise this will take off your mind and also bring memorable memories of your past and it will help ease tension that is around us at the moment.

2. Picnic.

There are several ways to do a picnic. You can decide to do an indoor picnic or an outdoor one, if you have a backyard. Cook up some of your favorite meals and snacks.

Do it the previous day so that on the next you won’t be tired or exhausted while at it.

3. Movie night.

This is the most common activity but you can spice it up by setting up your living room or bedroom like a cinema and watch an interesting movie off the common movie subscription. Something fresh, something nice and unexpected will go a long way.

4. Easter treats.

You and your family or spouse can set up a date to make treats such as healthy homemade snacks or follow a recipe of preparing snacks on Youtube and the likes.

5. Sharing funny experiences.

Gather up your loved ones and crack yourself up with past experiences that were funny. Or look at your childhood photos and remember the good fun times. You will love it.

6. Compose.

This time you can be able to discover what you are good at. It could be singing, dancing and with these you can try compose songs or new dance moves or even try to start a blog if you fancy writing.

7. Work out.

Easy workouts are the best at this time. Choose a nice Youtube workout that is easy to do with your children and your spouse. You could also do Tabata workouts or dance workouts to make it easier and fun.

8. Donations.

If you can donate to the less fortunate do it. You could clear your wardrobe or pack the foods that you are not gonna use or you can even buy food and do deliveries to those who need it.

To avoid contact you can place it at their doorstep and leave it with a note or so.

If you feel unsafe you can do online donations instead of the latter.

But please stay at home at all times. You can donate if and only if it’s out of your own will.

9. Make Christmas Gift Cards.

It is never too early or too late to make Christmas gift cards. Better late than ever. Use this time to be creative with cards and words for this coming Christmas. Do it with your loved ones for more spice!

10. Bake cookies and cakes.

If you have read my previous posts by now you must be knowing that I love cake a whole lot and there is something about cake and cookies. It is that it brings merry in the house.

This is something that is not consumed every day. At least not for a big amount of people.

Something we have once in a while and is used as a treat. So treat yourself by baking from scratch.

If it turns out not to be what you expected, be proud of yourself that you learnt something new.

Then order a cake and a box of cookies to reward yourself, if restaurants and bakeries around you are not closed.

11. Games.

I love me some good poker game,(non-gambling). It is refreshing and it challenges your mind.

Board games are also a good way of spending you easter holiday.

You can also teach your loved ones on how to play if they do not know how to.

12. Reading the Bible.

Easter is not complete without refreshing your mind on what easter is all about. Gather around and share the word of the Lord.

Discuss with your family or whoever you are doing self-isolation with.

Get deep into the word and understand what God requires from you.

You can do this beside a fire or in a very indestructive environment.

13. Skin care routine.

Have everyone in the house cleanse their faces and put on a mask.

Take funny, goofy pictures for memories.

14. DIY’s (Do It Yourself)

Take this time to create new stuff. A good website is that of Bright side. Really assists with DIY’s and creativity at home. Also 5 minute crafts is a good way to do DIY’s.

15. Sleep

This might seem an unusual activity to do but all of you as a family can snuggle up in warm sheets and blankets and just have a different experience altogether.

16. Watch Sunrise/Sunset

For sunrise, you can set up an alarm and also check the weather forecast of when the sun comes up and watch as the sun rises.

Also for the sunset, check the weather forecast to time the sunset.

Don’t forget to take pictures for memories.


17. Write a summer bucket list.

Let’s be all optimistic and believe that summer will be full of joy and happiness.

Make a bucket list of what you want to do after quarantine and be hopeful.

18. Try online challenges.

We all are aware of challenges on going right now such as #dontrushchallange and so many more that you can do as siblings, family or a couple and this will be a game changer if you are doing it for the first time.

19. Learn a new language.

If you have the urge to try a new language, try it with the people you are quarantined with and learn together the easy stuff like saying hello and finding your way around.

A good app is the Duolingo. It has a lot of languages and it is easy and fun to use as you navigate around.

20. Easter Songs and Movies.

This completes the Easter starter pack. There are a lot of movies and songs that can light up a room with Easter vibes both on Youtube and Netflix.

You can have healthy desserts while at it. You can see some of the best healthy, inexpensive desserts here! Alongside recipes.

21. Acting.

If you have the will to dress up in costumes pertaining to easter, you can work your way through in acting out like in the movies. Someone could dress up like Peter or Jesus or John the Baptist and have someone film all this.

It doesn’t have to be perfect but it will be worthwhile.


If you have a good backyard a bonfire will be a good thing to have. Have some marshmallows, sausages or any favourite food that you can roast directly with fire and have a good time with your family.

If you have a fireplace you can assume a bonfire as well.

23. Have a BBQ

Again a good backyard will do the job.

A Barbeque just changes the whole entire mood of the day and helps unwind a boring day.

24. Camp in the backyard.

I am feeling like this is already clichè. Backyards are one of the thing that just changes the environment. If you don’t have a backyard you could try do a living room camping, just to do something different and unique.

25. Bedtime stories.

This might be outgrown for the adults but it’s not bad to go down memory lane. Everyone can have their own chance of reading bedtime stories and enjoy the moment.

26. Clean up.

After easter, clean up the house and make everything tidy.

If you are working at home this would be the best time to prepare your journals and your workspace and make it conducive.

Happy Easter everyone and don’t forget to pray.



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