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Top 10 ways to effectively lose weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Or are you losing weight but not as fast as you want? Then use these weight loss tips to jump-start your weight loss journey FAST!

1. Intermittent Fasting

If you probably wondering what intermittent fasting is, then, it is the alternating of eating hours with fasting hours.

To be able to do it effectively, you need to choose the correct ratio according to your capability.

To understand more about the fast, and the ratios, you can click here for my free guide on how to get started with intermittent fasting.

2. Cardio

Combined with fasting, this will drop off your pounds like crazy.

Aim for High Interval Intensity(HIIT) Training. This type of workout aims losing weight fast as it incorporates a quick session of non-stop 45 seconds workout and 15 seconds rest.

This ratio of 45 sec of work with 15 of rest is highly recommended because at this point the body accepts the resistance that is being input in it to the fullest.

If you can not take it up a notch you can always do 30 sec to 30-60 sec rest.

If you are a pro at working out, 1 min of pure work with 15-20 sec of rest is what you would love to try in your next workout.

If you are suffering from breathing problems or heart problems then it’s just best to not do HIIT at all.

3. Water

This is clichè but it is not well stressed.

The amount of water recommended to drink in a day, for you to lose that stubborn fat, is at least 5 gallons of water.

Put that amount of water in your body, and you will see a great difference in your body. You will feel better and your skin will show!

There will be a whole lot of visits to the toilet,so you need to be very prepared.

Have access to a toilet at all times. You can add a half a teaspoon of sea salt to your 5 gallons of water, especially if you decide to do intermittent fasting.

Reason for the sea salt is just to help the body soak the water more, so as to be used more efficiently in your body.

4. Caloric deficit

Yes! You need to count your calories if you are looking to meet your weight loss or weight gain goals some day. Well fast!

A calorie counter should be a staple among your several phone apps. A good calorie counter that I use is My Fitness Pal. It is good for beginners and the free version is just as good as the paid version in my own perspective.

With calorie counters, you will be able to understand how much you need to eat, in terms of Macros and how much you need to eat to lose weight or gain weight.

Just to give a quick example: if you need to lose weight and the calorie counter says that your daily calories are 2000cal/day and your goals are losing weight, you need to cut about 300-700calories so as to be in a caloric deficit.

In a case where your goals are to gain weight you need to add up a notch and be in a caloric surplus and add 300-700 calories, according to your goals

Another important tip, your macros, that is: carbs, proteins and fat are very important while considering caloric deficit.

You want to work your way through reducing the number of carbs or eating more of complex carbs rather than the simple one’s.

5. Reduce your cheat days.

Now, some of us will have a cheat meal every single week and to be completely honest that is not a problem.

The problem comes about when we indulge more than we should. If you are like me that a cheat day would mean spoiling my weight loss journey, then I highly suggest you do the following:

Reduce the number of your cheat days. From once a week to twice a month. Or reduce the amount of food you put as a cheat meal.

Instead of eating half a box of pizza, which is almost 1218 calories, have 2 slices of the smallest pizza size in that box. That way you would have consumed around 500-580 calories depending on the flavour and where you bought it.

6. Eat clean

I can not stress this enough as well. But eating healthy is the key to easy weight loss.

Health before workouts is something to live by. You should not think of working out and yet your eating habits are trash! Eat well and clean and then start thinking about working out.

This way you will see tremendous steady weight loss that you will keep for good. No more yo yo dieting and fluctuation in your weight loss journey.

Focus on eating whole foods like sweet potato, avocados, bananas, salads, fatty fish and nuts, and mostly natural foods will help you with losing that weight and keeping it off.

7. Meal planning

So, this is one of the things I emphasize when you want to lose weight. Pick a comfortable day where you can prepare your meals for the week.

So you might be wondering how meal preps work for weight loss and here is how.

Quick take: let us picture if you don’t have any prepared meal after a long day of work, but you have a leftover pizza or you have a junk food store close by, the first thing that would come to mind is I need an easy meal or an easy take out, therefore you will end up eating junk food hence zero weight loss progress.

It is highly assured that meal preps will save you a great deal in terms of cash, time, losing weight among other benefits.

While doing meal prep remember to incorporate highly nutritious foods. Avoid junk and foods that might make you lose your progress.

8. Count your liquid calories.

Did you know that 1 tbsp of any type of oil, coconut, olive, sunflower, vegetable is approximately 120 calories? Yes! Just one tablespoon carries way more calories than you think…..

Therefore when next you are meal prepping try and use at least 1 tbsp of oil if not 2 according to your weight loss plans. Also, you can purchase oil in a spray can so that you minimize the amount used in a pan.

Not leaving out the fruit juices, alcohol and sodas: liquids that are not purely water have a tremendous amount of hidden calories that we assume are not going to affect our weight loss journey.

Next time you are drinking your liquids, be sure to check the back labels and calories that they contain. This applies to homemade fruit juices, portion control is key.

9. Don’t keep a specific diet.

The reason why keeping a diet is risky is because high chances are that it may not fit in your daily lifestyle. At some point it will start wearing off due to the environment or your general lifestyle.

Bear in mind Intermittent Fasting is not a diet but a pattern of eating.

There are famous diets like Keto, sirt diet, juice diets that work so quickly and fast but trying to keep off the weight and maintaining it might be a struggle for people with a busy lifestyle.

10. Quality sleep and avoid stress.

Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day for that refreshing take in the morning. Not only are you refreshed but also you get to burn fat as you sleep.

A lot of weight loss plateaus are caused by stress and lack of sleep and research says that when stress is avoided better health is attracted to your body and it flourishes better.

Daily tip:

It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat, from what you eat. “June”



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  1. I agree with all of these especially the liquid calories. It is so easy to hit 1000 calories a day just from liquids; sodas and beer especially. I try my best and then gain it all back from bad habits.

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