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5 quick tips to limit your phone time.

Alright, I am guilty of using my phone for almost 9-10 hours in a day. Especially during this time of the pandemic.

It is a struggle not to reach out to your phone and start scrolling through social media platforms and it is totally okay to be like this.

But too much of something is poisonous and when it comes to the phone it has it’s pros and cons.

Therefore to come to a crescendo it’s best to understand how to control and limit your phone time and here is how.

Don’t use your phone as soon as you wake.

As soon as you wake up, do your morning routine first. Your morning routine can be a self-care, morning work out or walk.

After that, if you work from home, you can prepare breakfast and go through your mails and once you are done with your work, then you can kick in with your phone.

The main idea is just to put all the important things first and then you can be able to have your phone time.

Distract yourself with novels.

Reading can be so much fun if you put your mind to it.

Get yourself a good book with the theme of your choice and read it bit by bit. It will save you off screen time and also increase your knowledge.

If you are struggling with reading books you can always get audiobooks they really come in handy when your eyes are just not having it.

Listen to podcasts.

You might have heard about podcasts. It has become very famous and I highly recommend this.

There are tons of inspirational, lifestyle, fitness, fashion podcasts or any niche that fancy’s you on google podcast or Spotify that can be a substitute to your screen time.

In as much as this can be tempting to get on to your phone and start scrolling through, you’re required to be self-discipline as much as possible.


Take your time to sit outside in fresh air and think through your day. Fill yourself with positive thoughts and see positivity ahead of you.

You can also take a walk as you meditate or take a cup of calming and relaxing tea.

During this time you can also write down your goals, vision boards and to do list for the day.

Learn a new skill.

Instead of focussing on phone screen time, a great substitute would be learning a new skill. It can be cooking a new meal or learning makeup or DIYs.

You could use YouTube which is a great platform for such.

At the end of the day, discipline plays a great role alongside these fantastic tips.



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