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How to jump start your weight loss

Take this from an individual who has been obese for almost their entire life. I have lost all the unecessary weight, flopped & gained the weight again and now losing the weight all over again.

You can too lose weight no matter the circumstance. All you require is determination, consistency, peserverance & willingness to work out every single week at least 4-6 days in the week.

So, quarantine has now been relaxed. Lockdown in most countries are down and you are looking at yourself in the mirror, you may or may not like where you are with your weight loss journey. But….

Whether you have gained some weight or not here are 10 little tips that can get you right back on track.

1. Start slow

You don’t want to start by restricting your diet, going to the gym for hours and eliminating certain food groups.

Reason why you want to not do all these is because the body might get into a shock resulting to unpleasant injuries.

Also if you want to have a long term enjoyable weight loss goals you need to find a routine that works for you and that is enjoyable that you can look forward to in the coming years.

Take your weight loss as a journey and not a challenge that will last for a few months or years to come.

2. Detox

Detox is a wonderful way to jumpstart your body for weight loss. It helps eliminate any toxins and build-up of waste in your body.

Detox can be as simple as lemon water and as complex as detox teas and pills. Whatever fancies you.

3. Water

Drink a good amount of water during the day. And if you are doing intermittent fasting, aim to drink more water during your fasting period for more toxin elimination.

Start by taking at least 2 litres of water a day and gradually increase to at least a gallon a day or even more

If you don’t like water, feel free to add berries and lemons or whatever you prefer to infuse your water for a more rich flavour.

4. Slowly eliminate junk

I can relate to the need for eliminating all junk at once when you have commenced on being serious with your journey.

But don’t do that. Don’t be at haste to eliminate it. You don’t want your body to be in a state of shock. The body is very sensitive and once it notices a quick change in it, it will respond in ways that will bring more harm than good.

You can start off by eliminating manufactured sugars, then natural sugars can follow but can be consumed at moderation, then the simple carbs and remain with the complex one’s such as potatoes and veggies.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance.

5. Meal preparation

This is a decent way to control your eating levels if you are looking forward into a caloric deficit which in turn leads to weight loss then this is the remedy you have been looking for.

Having a difficult time meal prepping?

Check out how to MEAL PREP HERE for beginners.

6. Intermittent Fasting

If you have been here long enough you probably know that I have my confidence on this pattern of eating.

Learn more about Intermittent fasting here and how it brings about weight loss that will wow your mind right now.

7. Caloric deficit

For one to lose weight you must and must burn more energy than you consume. You don’t have to necessarily eat way too less to achieve this but I would recommend doing more activities during the day plus added workouts to achieve this alongside a moderate calorie intake.

Alternatively, calculate your macros and eat 300 calories less than you eat to be in a complete caloric deficit and this is the key to that stubborn weight that you need off. Don’t forget to be active.

8. Be active

Park your car at the end of the parking lot, take the stairs.

If you having a sitting job at least stand after an hour of sitting.

Take a brisk walk and stand when you can, cause this too burns a whole lot of calories than when you are just sitting.

9. Cardio

This can be related to been active. The treadmill is your friend.

If you decide to do your cardio in the gym. Opt for the treadmill and stationary bike. This does a fundamental job than you may think.

Do more minutes on this machine. The more the time, the more calories you burn.

Do not exceed an hour of work out on these machines because they may bring unnecessary injuries and we don’t need that.

10. Light workouts.

You may want to start training slowly as well. Start with a 10 min work out and gradually increase to an hour work out depending on your body strength.

Always opt for workouts that will challenge you in a good way for if you do workouts that are easy, your body will conform to it, hence little or no change.

Balance everything and you will be able to succeed in your weight loss goals.

Happy weightloss journey. If you need extra motivation Click through here for my Weightloss journey.



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15 thoughts on “How to jump start your weight loss Leave a comment

  1. Very inspirational!! Thanks for sharing your personal story as well! I will definitely need to add some of these to my daily routine! Great tips!!! : )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are some great tips. The most important things are to drink plenty of water. Water helps the body to function properly and also acts as an appetite suppressant. Look at the food you eat and clean it up – the body will take longer to digest processed foods and they aren’t that nutritious. Then, of course, movement. We need to keep moving to burn more calories than we consume, this puts us in a caloric deficit and means that we will lose weight instead of gaining.

    I would also add a little weight training into my exercises, as gaining muscle will burn more calories than fat. Don’t worry though, women don’t tend to bulk up like bodybuilders by lifting weights, but it allows us to look more toned too rather than just skinny. Great post and best of luck on your weight loss journey xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Water. Flushes out toxins like no other detox pills or tea.
      Absolutely on weight training. Sometimes I do longer sessions of weight training because I have reached a level where dumbells are becoming lighter, so a great tip is, when you dont have anything heavier in the house to lift just do longer sessions with fewer breaks but also do not forget that form is the key to proper weight training


  3. Awesome tips! I’ve always been very active and eating well, but it wasn’t until I switched from hormonal birth control that I finally returned to my healthy weight🌸

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these tips because I’ve always been chunky but now because of health problems and a severely restricted diet, I’ve gained 80 pounds and it’s distressing. I think weight loss really involves a change in lifestyle and mindset. Thanks for the awesome tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Am sorry for the health issues. Hope all is well. If you need extra detailed motivation and guidance please feel free to contact me and i will take you through step by step.
      Yes. Weightloss is a lifestyle change and a focussed mindset.


  5. I really love and appreciate your approachable guidance you shared. I have paid waaaay too much money to people who had me cut out food groups and do crazy amounts of exercise, and while it works short term and you get immediate results, it’s not sustainable. I have been doing IF for about 3 months, basically no snacks after bed (except a post workout protein snack) until lunch, and I feel great. We are eating protein focused, but I still eat bread and occasionally even a piece of candy or microwave popcorn! Like you said, it has to be balanced and in moderation. Great post, even GREATER advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is so heart-warming honestly. I am happy that this post is saving you a whole lot of money and making you understand that its all about balance. Because fitness is a lifestyle change. I encourage you to eat and workout with what is comfortable with you and something that you know 10 years from now you can still be able to indulge in.

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